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DR. Wesam Kadhum


DR. Wesam Kadhum

Throughout my career after 30 years of graduation from the College of Medicine and then Post Graduate study, I have conducted the following duties: • • Running the Out-Patient Clinic. • • Supervisor and carry out the round of inpatient. • • Deal with minor surgery under local anesthesia.

Additional skills, and experience
1. Chemical Peeling.
2. Different Laser Therapy lines.
3. Botox Injections Therapy.
4. Dermal Fillers Therapy.
5. Targeted U.V light Therapy.
6. Liposuction & reinject the fat in a proper area.
7. A certified regenera user for hair loss.
8. Lipolysis solutions injector.
9. Thread for lifting.
10. Biological Therapy.

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